TIFF 2010 Day 6

SUBMARINE UK 5 cats Wow, is this a director to follow, Richard Ayoade! I love his sense of humor, quick wit, his playful and fresh visual style. Also, this was the funniest Q&A of the festival (impressive, considering Drydon & Coogan were in the mix). Oliver Tate, the star of his own Woody Allen film, is trying to negotiate the hell that is school, to get Jordana, the girl of his dreams to notice him, and to keep him mom from breaking up the family by running away with her old ex whose moved in next door and is now a new age guru type. The director struck gold in his casting - Oliver and Jordana are spot-on, and have endearing chemistry. | Read more »

TIFF 2010 Day 5

OUR DAY WILL COME France 3 cats A sullen redheaded teen meets up with an even odder redheaded man and they spin their shared perceptions/delusions of persecution into a fevered roadtrip, seeking the Isle of Dreams - Ireland, land of redheads. Directorial debut of Costa Gravas' son, Romain, who has done several music videos including M.I.A's controversial Born Free, in which redheads also played a key role (the vid being a precursor and inspiration of sorts for the film). | Read more »

Ask Paprika!

Paprika SteenAs reported a couple of weeks ago, APPLAUSE, the Danish star-vehicle for Paprika Steen is being released in the States at the end of the year.  Chlotrudis is teaming with World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation to get the word out about this film and the brilliant performance by Chlotrudis Award-honoree Paprika Steen.  To show her appreciation to her fans and independent film enthusiasts, Paprika will personally answer questions from fans and those who might be interested from all around the world.  Go to the official Applause Twitter, Read more »

Chlotrudis Hall-of-Famer returns with JACK GOES BOATING

Join Chlotrudis members on Friday, September 24 for the 7:20 pm screening of Philip Seymour Hoffman's directorial debut, JACK GOES BOATING.  We'll be catching the screening at the Kendall Square Cinema in Cambridge.  Chlotrudis was an early fan of Hoffman, and we're very excited to see his first turn behind the camera.

Jack Goes Boating

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Chlotrudis and the Brattle Present CineCaché

CineCaché logoCelebrating the yet-to-be discovered treasures of the independent film world, Chlotrudis and the Brattle present CINE-CACHÉ, a new bi-weekly series of film and discussion, every other Monday night September 27, 2010 through January 3, 2011. Special screenings of sneak previews, festival favorites, regional features, and overlooked gems that haven’t played Boston are the kinds of films you’ll see in this exciting series. Filmmakers will be in attendance on select evenings and discussions will be held after all screenings.
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TIFF2010 Notes on Day 4

Finally I got some long uninterrupted sleep!  Didn't have to do the early morning box office, and had no early shows.  Actually, that is one thing that's odd about this year's festival - the dearth of morning screenings.  I've already had a couple of conversations with some really irritated Canadians about this - they bought the day pass option (in which you see x numbers of films, provided they start before 5pm), as they always do, only to find that for most days, maybe a dozen films total have screentimes before noon.  Very bizarre.   | Read more »

TIFF2010, Day 4 films

STATE OF VIOLENCE South Africa 3 cats - A leading businessman trying to put his violent past behind him outwardly but without any internal change, learns the devastating consequences of forgetting past sins without repentance.  The film has a great look, and an arresting pace - it's clear there is a confident eye behind the lens, one determined to show all facets of present-day Cape Town.  The newly rich in their gated McMansion tracts and the still poor in their tin shanties in the townships, mind and soul, one obsessed with the future, the other still grappling with the past.  One man's journey, choices, burdens to tell a larger story about a country.  Definitely Shakespearean in mood - I'm thinking Macbeth, Othello. | Read more »

TIFF2010 - Trigger

I'll double back to do the rest of my Day 4 films later, but I wanted to get my report on TRIGGER out before it seemed too far away.   So, it was the official opening film of the new TIFF Lightbox building - earlier in the day, they had a block party and had opened the place for folks to check it out for free, and there were still loads of people milling about when I arrived to get in the ticketholders line.  It is a beautiful building, and I took some pitifully bad pictures on my iphone which I posted to Facebook earlier.  The theatres are on  the second floor, and as you would expect, are beautiful.  Comfortable chairs, great sightlines, commodious but without feeling like you're in a huge barn.  As I sat watching the crowd mill in, I spotted so many familiar faces, among them Patricia Rozema, Atom Egoyan and Ellen Page, and tons of folks with filmmaker credentials on their lanyards - all headed to the regular seats, not the four full r | Read more »

TIFF2010, Day 3 films

So, the films I saw on Day 3 were:

DAYDREAM NATION, Canada, a whisker shy of 3 cats I wanted to like this, I really did. It's about the tumultuous year that Caroline moves from the city to a drugged-out hicksville where she finishes out high school, & tries to navigate the weird town and her reactions to all the change.  I like Kat Dennings very much, but I felt like the film was trying to hard to evoke Juno-esque qualitlies when its true nature was something more odd and melancholy.  Time and again, I could practically see the writer-director thinking out loud 'need a Juno something or other here', and more often than not, it was the wrong choice.  Dear god, stop with the hip-twee music cue, and let's put the kibosh on ending an emotional or contemplative moment with an overly literate quip into the next scene?  | Read more »

TRIGGER Premieres at the Bell Lightbox Theater Tonight at TIFF!

Tonight Tracy Wright's final film premieres at theToronto International Film Festival. It's also the premiere of the Bell Lightbox Theater, the new center for the Festival that has been under construction for the past couple of years. Bruce McDonald's TRIGGER tells the story of a rock duo who reunite after their band call it quits, and stars Tracy and another Chlotrudis favorite, Molly Parker. Wish I could be there, but Beth C. is there and will report back to us. We're hoping to screen TRIGGER in Boston sometime, but until then you can enjoy this terrific short but awesome trailer for the film. | Read more »