A Message from the President

Dear Chlotrudis Members and Supporters, 

What were you doing 20 years ago?  I was planning a movie-themed party around the Oscars, but irritated at the slate of nominees.  Forrest Gump, really?  Even now, that still irks me.  Back then; I decided that my friends and I could do better.  So I turned my party into an independent film society. And ever since, Chlotrudis has thrown a hell of a shindig to celebrate independent film.  We wouldn’t still be going strong without the support of members like you. | Read more »

CHLOTRUDIS SOCIETY FOR INDEPENDENT FILM Picks the Top French Language Films of All-Time!

The Piano TeacherChlotrudis members have deliberated and made their selections, and here is the Society's picks for the Top French Language Films of all time!  Members sent in their personal lists of favorite French language films.  Country of origin didn't matter -- only the predominant language that it was spoken in.  In addition to France, films from Canada, and Belgium were also represented.  Topping the list is Jacques Demy's classic musical THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG from 1964.  The sixties was a good decade for French-language films; eleven of the Top 50 were released during that decade.  This was the second highest represented decade following the 2000's with twelve. | Read more »


The Last White Knight

The Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film (CSIF) is pleased to be a sponsor of the 25th annual Boston Jewish Film Festival, one of New England’s longest-lived and most acclaimed film festivals. In addition, Chlotrudis is a community supporter for the screening of the documentary THE LAST WHITE KNIGHT on Sunday November 10th, at 2:30 pm at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline.  | Read more »

Chlotrudis picks the Best of the Fest at the Provincetown International Film Festival

The Way Way BackInspired by the HBO-sponsored Audience Awards selected by attendees at the Provincetown International Film Festival, Chlotrudis polled the members who attended the Fest to make their own picks for the best doc and best narrative feature, with decidedly different results.  The PIFF Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature went to HAUTE CUISINE, a film that underwhelmed the only Chlotrudis member who saw it, and the Audience Award for Best Documentary went to TWENTY FEET FROM STARDOM, an entertaining film that failed to get top marks from the Chlotrudis members who checked it out.   | Read more »

CHLOTRUDIS SOCIETY sponsors Xavier Dolan’s transgender love story, ‘LAURENCE ANYWAYS’, at PROVINCETOWN FILM FEST

Laurence AnywaysThe CHLOTRUDIS SOCIETY FOR INDEPENDENT FILM (CSIF) is pleased to announce its sponsorship of LAURENCE ANYWAYS, at the PROVINCETOWN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (PIFF), to be held June 19 - 23.   The film will have two screenings, 1:30pm on Thursday 6/20 and 11am on Sunday 6/22, both at the Art House. | Read more »


Stories We TellThe Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film is pleased to join with the INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL OF BOSTON (IFFBoston) once again to co-present a Canadian film as part of the festival’s 11th year.  We are particularly pleased to have the opportunity to co-present another film from acclaimed actor/director Sarah Polley the autobiographical STORIES WE TELL, her documentary directorial debut.   In 2007 Chlotrudis co-presented Polley’s first directorial feature, AWAY FROM HER at the 5th IFFBoston.  | Read more »


Honorees Christopher Abbott & Gabrielle HannaThis year, the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film bestowed the most accolades upon Wes Anderson's MOONRISE KINGDOM and Stephen Chbosky's THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER at its 19th annual Chlotrudis Awards ceremony, held at the Brattle Theater this past Sunday.   Both films won 3 awards:  

Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Ensemble went to MOONRISE KINGDOM, while THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER nabbed Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (for Ezra Miller), and one of the night's top honors, Best Movie. | Read more »


Christopher Abbott, photo courtesy of HBOOn Sunday March 17th, the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film will honor actor Christopher Abbott (photo by Jennifer Miglio) with its Breakout Award, during its 19th Annual Chlotrudis Awards ceremony at the historic Brattle Theatre.  Mr. Abbott will be in attendance to accept his special award from Chlotrudis to celebrate a impressive start to a career that we look forward to following.  The show begins at 5 pm, and tickets are $20 ($15 for Chlotrudis and Brattle members), and can be purchased online at the Brattle’s website. | Read more »

BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD top Chlotrudis list with Seven Nominations Including Best Movie and Best Director!

Beasts of the Southern WildThe nominees for the 19th annual Chlotrudis Awards were announced tonight at a special party at Post 390, attended by Chlotrudis members, guests and various folk active in the Boston film scene.  2012 was a good year for American indie films, 18 of the 35 unique films nominated coming from the U.S.  Those 18 films made up 41 of the total nominations.  Films from Frances had the next largest impact with 7 nominations from 3 films, and surprisingly, Belgium took in 6 nominations with just 2 films.  All-in-all, 19 countries were represented among the nominees.  Despite the high number of U.S. films garnering nominations, only 2 of the films nominated for Best Movie was U.S.-made:  BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD and THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER. | Read more »

Calling all Members! It's Nomination Time!


It’s time to start thinking about nominations for your favorite films and performances from 2012 for the 19th Annual Chlotrudis Awards!  Please read these rules and take part!  Nominations will be due on Friday, January 18 at midnight.  On Saturday, January 19, we will hold our annual Chlotrudis Nomination Committee Meeting at the home of Ned Hinkle and Ivy Moylan in Cambridge, MA at 2pm.  All members are invited to come and spend the afternoon discussing films even if you do not nominate!  Of course, it’s more fun if you do, so please read the following directions, and if you qualify… I urge you to take part!  The more members who nominate, the better and more reflective of our organization are our awards.  If you do come to the party, we do a bit of a pot luck, so bring something to eat or drink with you. | Read more »