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Esmé  chats with Robert and David
Hostess Esmé Green recruits new member Robert who enjoys a cocktail with his friend David.

Last updated: August 20, 2005
Copyright 2006 Michael R. Colford.
All rights reserved

Clink! Shaken, Not Stirred

Clinton, Ned, & Ivy

They're theatre people! Clinton McClung, program director for the Coolidge Corner Theatre, chews the fat with Ned Hinkle and Ivy Moylan, co-directors of the Brattle Theatre.
Esmé and Robert
Hostess and Board member EsméGreen talks to new Chlotrudis member, Robert Stanhope
Marlin, Ron and Bob

Marlin May and Ron Yeany swap stories with Bob Gladstein, who sends the camera a disapproving look.

Ned, Chris, and Janet

As the evening winds down, Ned Hinkle chats with bartender/co-host, Chris Perry while Janet Young relaxes.

Diane makes Scot laugh
Chlotrudis Technology Coordinator Scot Capehart's expression as Entertainment Committee Chair Diane Young comments, perfectly sums up the terrific time had by all who attended the first Chlotrudis "Clink! Shaken, Not Stirred" Cocktail Party!