Our Little Sister (Japan; 128 min.)

directed by:
Hirokazu Koreeda
starring: Haruka Ayase; Masami Nagasawa; Kaho; Suzu Hirose; Ryô Kase; Ryôhei Suzuki.; Takafumi Ikeda
Umimachi Diary

Michael says: "Hirokazu Kore-eda (LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON, STILL WALKING, NOBODY KNOWS, AFTER LIFE) returns with a lovely, heartfelt portrait of three sisters who discover they have a fourth sister after their estranged father passes away. They bring her into their family and gently form new relationships that redefine their family. There’s no major catastrophe or danger, just a very human story, lovingly depicted and portrayed in OUR LITTLE SISTER. Koreeda is sure to get a Best director nod, and screenplay and cast are good bets as well. 4 1/2 cats