Certain Women (USA; 107 min.)

directed by:
Kelly Reichardt
starring: Michelle Williams; Kristen Stewart; Laura Dern; James Le Gros; Lily Gladstone; Jared Harris
Certain Women

Michael says: "I haven’t seen all of Kelly Reichardt’s films, but CERTAIN WOMEN is the fourth, and the most fully realized in a string of strong films including OLD JOY, WENDY & LUCY, and MEEKS’ CUTOFF. Based on a collection of short stories by Maile Meloy, CERTAIN WOMEN explores some moments of three women living in Montana, all blazing trails, and all facing a variety of challenges and perspectives that are uniquely female. Reichardt’s films are quiet and internal, and the three actresses headlining these stories are more than up for the challenge of illuminating internal lives vividly. Laura Dern’s Laura is an attorney who is trying to deal with a man who has been legally shafted by his employer in a way that has left his life in a shambles. Michelle Williams’ Gina is trying to hold on to her family, while running a company, and trying to build a new home in the wilderness. Lily Gladstone, whose solitary life as The Rancher, is disrupted by the arrival of Kirsten Stewart’s Elizabeth, an up and coming lawyer sent to The Rancher’s remote town to teach the teacher’s there certain legalities.

“Clearly the most in dependent of the three films, this was also my favorite. For me a nearly perfect character study of three women showing that despite their immense differences, share similar struggles even in 2016, and a sparsely populated state like Montana. Again, Reichardt has a strong sense of the cinematic, and uses visual storytelling masterfully. The acting from the women mentioned above is top notch, as is the support from Jared Harris and James Le Gros. Laura Dern in particular impresses in the way she sinks into and inhabits her role so beautifully. If you get the chance, check out CERTAIN WOMEN. 5 cats