The Iceman (USA; 103 min.)

directed by:
Ariel Vroman
starring: Michael Shannon; James Franco; Chris Evans; Ray Liotta; Winona Ryder; David Schwimmer; Stephen Dorff
The Iceman

Thom says: "This is a nasty little film that certainly knows how to entertain once you get past the content. I've never seen any of Vroman's previous output but I can say he's done a very professional job here. Shannon is a perfect choice to play Richard Kuklinski a famous mob contract killer who moonlights as a serious family man in New Jersey. Shannon superbly puts the psychopath clearly in context. And what a cast he has to work with. Ferocious Franco creates a pitiful lowlife gangster fuck-up & Evans is unrecognizable as another scary hit man who works out of an ice-cream truck for kiddies. It's not quite up to GOODFELLAS level, but it's still a quality gangster film. It was nice seeing Ryder back in the saddle with a meaty role as Kuklinski's long-suffering wife. 4 cats

“Director Vroman and star Shannon were at pre & post-film on stage antics."