Everyone Else (USA; 108 min.)

directed by: Maren Ade
starring: Birgit Minichmayr; Lars Eidinger; Hans-Jochen Wagner; Nicole Marischka; Mira Partecke
Alle Anderen

Scot says: "Just watched the German film EVERYONE ELSE, which I quite enjoyed. My concise summary of the film is that it's about that moment in a relationship when you see your partner deciding whether he/she would rather be a freak or a douchebag. (Make up your own mind which is the right decision.)

"Excellent performance by the female lead, Birgit Minichmayr.  4 cats"

Chris says:  "I also recently watched this and agree with Scot: Minichmayr is fantastic. More so than BLUE VALENTINE, the film approaches a disintegrating relationship from a unique perspective, but with such natural dialogue between the two leads that when something unexpected occasionally comes up, the impact is that much stronger. 4.5 cats"

Ibad says:  "I love this movie. I happened to see it completely per chance of a very attractive preview photo at the New York Film Festival a few years ago. I do prefer BLUE VALENTINE but I included Birgit Minichmayr on my Chlotrudis ballot fairly easily, who was probably my third favorite lead actress performance of 2009 (after Sidibe in PRECIOUS and Maria Heiskanen in EVERLASTING MOMENTS). Also on my Buried Treasure list.

"I also happened to rewatch it shortly after into this year when it was playing at IFC nearby my dorm for a first date. It made for an awful first date movie. :D / D:"

Scot responds:  "I dunno, Ibad. If you go dancing after the film and steal some of Chris's smooth moves, you might make a lasting impression on your date. ;-)"