Beautiful Darling (USA; 85 min.)

directed by: James Rasin
Beautiful Darling: The Life and Times of Candy Darling

Thom says: "Undoubtedly Darling was a very special and memorable person but your reaction to this film might well depend on your familiarity with her (him). I met her once at Jackie Curtis’ apartment and while seemingly withdrawn she certainly was captivating because of her beauty. And while not at all a big fan of drag, the fact she was born the same day I was maybe made me feel closer to her. Anyhow, Darling gained her fame through Andy Warhol films of the period. She’s also known for doing an off-Broadway version of a Tennessee Williams play Small Craft Warnings. She was also a feature in the great Lou Reed song 'Walk on the Wild Side'. The thing to be admired & remembered about Candy besides her spectacular, fragile gorgeousness, was that while being born a man (Jimmy Slattery) once s(he) decided to take-on the Candy Darling persona she never left it. While many drag queens became more famous (Divine, Ru-Paul, Dame Edna) none lived their entire lives with the newer identity. And while she certainly was not a brilliant thespian her beauty was undeniable and unforgettable. Sadly, after Warhol dropped her (the film doesn’t make it clear why) she soon went into a decline that ended up with her tragic death from cancer (supposedly from her dependence on hormonal medication) at the age of 29. The famous Peter Hujar photograph of Candy on her deathbed says it all, glamorous to the end. 5 cats"