Paper Heart (Mexico; 85 min.)

directed by: Nicholas Jasenovec
starring: Charlene Yi; Michael Cera; Jake M. Johnson
Paper Heart

Diane says: "(That's funny: they wore paper hearts in last night's movie, JULIE AND JULIA) Charlyne Yi and friend-of-Chlotrudis Michael Cera are the guinea pigs in this faux-doc about the search for real love. Like 'J&J,' it's completely enjoyable. But natch better than 'J&J,' it has inventiveness and variety. Yi and Cera are perfect for the roles of tentative and playful inamorata. Reviews tend to make a fuss about what might be real and what might not--and whether Yi is as intellectually challenged as she makes herself out to be--but I was fine not knowing. Yi's puppetry may see some noms for best performance by inanimate object. Her interview with kids on a playground is delightful. 4 cats. "