White Material (France/Cameroon; 100 min.)

directed by: Claire Denis
starring: Isabelle Huppert; Christopher Lambert; Nicolas Duvauchelle; Isaach De Bankolé; William Nadylam
White Material

Thom says: "With 3 musts-see involved with this project I was really excited about this world premiere. Denis was there for the Q&A but unfortunately Huppert & De Bankolé were not. I had considered Denis one of my TOP 10 LIVING DIRECTORS until very recently, but that’s another story. In this terrific film Denis revisits Africa where she grew up and where her first film CHOCOLAT takes place. But this is a far different Africa than her childhood. Colonialism rears its ugly head as well as civil and racial unrest. Huppert and her outrageously dysfunctional and unlikable family raise cotton and when the turmoil in the country becomes dangerous for all residents they are pressed to leave their farm and return to France. But Huppert refuses to go as the political climate gets worse and worse. The part is a perfect one for Huppert as no actress alive portrays wicked indifference and intractability like she does. Highly recommended! One thing is clear about the great Denis. She is a chameleon with style as none of her films seem like any of her others. 5 cats "