Get Low (USA/Germany/Poland; 100 min.)

directed by: Aaron Schneider
starring: Robert Duvall; Sissy Spacek; Bill Murray; Lucas Black
Get Low

Thom says: "This period piece about a hermit in Tennessee in the 1930s has its plusses, especially with pretty horses, good photography and editing, finally ends up disappointing. The truculent hermit has a big secret that separates him from the town he lives near and when seen he’s an object of ridicule. The problem is when his dull, clandestine tale is eventually revealed there’s no punch & I ended up feeling hoodwinked. Also, I found Bill Murray not acceptable as a man of the period. To be perfectly honest I’ve never liked Bill Murray & I’m certain I never will. I’m constantly aghast that he’s an A-list star and he gets such good roles. 3 cats "