Colony (Ireland; 85 min.)

directed by:Carter Gunn and Ross McDonnell

Michael says: "I was very excited to see COLONY, which was reportedly about honeybees. In fact, while honeybees drive the story, COLONY is actually about beekeepers, the economics of bees, and colony collapse disorder (CCD), a syndrome that is causing honeybees to to disappear in large numbers. In fact, there is very little by way of information about the bees themselves, although there is some gorgeous footage of honeybees at work. Instead we meet a handful of beekeepers, including a family of fundamentalist Christians who run their own beekeeping business, and are struggling between the difficult economic times, and the CCD. We also meet the current president of the National Beekeepers Association, David Mendes and his organizations crusade against Bayer, who manufactures pesticides, which they are convinced are causing the CCD, despite the fact that there is no evidence to that fact.

"Ultimately, the filmmakers seem to be trying to frighten people into getting worked up about the plight of the honeybee and the beekeeper a la Michael Moore or THE CORPORATION, and I just don't think it's going to work. Perhaps I judge the film too harshly given my preconceived desires, but I just couldn't muster up all that much interest in the humans who work with the bees. Ross McDonnell's photographer is still stunning. 2 1/2 cats"