Bright Star (UK/Australia/France; 119 min.)

directed by: Jane Campion
starring: Abbie Cornish; Ben Whishaw; Kerry Fox; Paul Schneider; Edie Martin; Thomas Sangster
Bright Star

Diane says: "I am not a fan of Keats, so the poetry recitation made for some sections of longueur in BRIGHT STAR. Jane Campion's film of the poet's romance with Fanny Brawne is very pretty, with shots that call attention to themselves. And the costumes are especially fine, as Fanny was a creative seamstress. The story begins with refreshing scenes of everyday life circa 1820 and two charmers falling in love, but when Keats is struck down by H1N1, the story (albeit true) gets bogged down in the usual mooning and heartache of a romantic drama. Hooray for the return of the adorable red-haired girl from JELLYFISH, as Fanny's little sister! (Okay, not really the same actor, but just as winsome.) 3 cats"