Linda, Linda, Linda (Japan; 114 min.)

directed by: Nobuhiro Yamashita
starring: Bae Doona; Aki Maeda; Yu Kashii; Shiori Sekine
Linda, Linda, Linda

Michael says: "What can be better than Japanese school girls in uniform with electric guitars? For sheer, unabashed enjoyment, you can't get much better than LINDA LINDA LINDA. As the school fair approaches, a teen-aged all-girl band fears it will have to pull out of the show after its guitarist injures her finger, and the lead singer leaves in snit. In desperation, bandmembers Kei, Kyoko and Nozomi convince Son, a South Korean exchange student, to fill in on vocals, despite the fact that she has never sung before, and barely knows Japanese! The wrap their planned performance around the Japanese punk song "Linda, Linda, Linda" made famous by The Blue Heats, and focus their minds on practicing in the few days left before the performance.

In the tradition of the very best teen movies, whether American or Japanese, LINDA LINDA LINDA makes you feel great, leaves you laughing, and even conveys a subtle message; friends are just as (if not more) important than boys. Bae Doona shines as Son, bringing a laugh-out-loud comic performance to her resume which includes the under-appreciated TAKE CARE OF MY CAT. I defy anyone seeing this utterly delightful film to keep from singing, "Linda, Linda, Linda" for several days afterwards. 5 cats"