Monkey Warfare (Canada; 75 min.)

directed by: Reginald Harkema
starring: Nadia Litz; Don McKellar; Tracy Wright
Monkey Warfare
Beth says: "This film is among other things, an ode to Toronto by Torontonians - and it’s a small world in Canadian cinema circles! Don McKellar, Tracy Wright and Nadia Litz play revolutionaries past and present living on the edge in a Toronto neighborhood on the verge of gentrification. Great soundtrack, deft acting and perfect chemistry manages to pull off what could have been a too-smug insiders-only commentary on trying to live a postmodern activist life in a big city. I give it 4 cats, even though I know I missed stuff because I don’t know from Toronto injokes – perversely, I liked that it didn’t try at all to ‘translate’ the film to work for any general city; I’m a big girl, I can substitute ‘Cambridgeport’ for ‘Rosedale’ on my own! 4 cats"