Kurt Cobain: About a Son (USA; 96 min.)

directed by: A.J. Schnack
Kurt Cobain: About a Son

Beth says: "I really wish this and MONKEY WARFARE had not been literally back to back – my festival highlights came in a clump, as a result. Directed by AJ Schnack, one of Chlotrudis’ Advisory Board members, the film was one of the most anticipated of the docs showing this year in Toronto, and for good reason. AJ took the audio interviews Michael Azzerad had with Kurt in preparation for his biography, and then filmed images from the three cities where Kurt lived out most of his life – Aberdeen, Olympia and Seattle WA. When Kurt speaks of his father taking him to work, we see a lumber yard and hear Queen, the music Kurt listened to in the car to while away the time. It’s a meditative, reflective piece about growing up different in the northwest, about the meaning of and struggle for creativity and success as an artist and a person, and about Kurt Cobain the man trying to make sense of Kurt Cobain the rock star. This is not a new chapter in the legacy of Kurt Cobain; diehard fans hoping to learn more, or find answers, about either Kurt or Nirvana will probably be disappointed. This is a portrait of an artist as a young man, after we know the artist never lived beyond his youth. 4 1/2 cats"

This film screened at the Toronto International Film Festival