Changing Times (France; 90 min.)

directed by: André Téchiné
starring: Catherine Deneuve; Gérard Depardieu; Gilbert Melki
Les Temps qui Changent
Chris says: "André Téchiné's latest reunites Catharine Deneuve and Gerard Depardieu as once-lovers who meet up after three decades apart. Actually, Depardieu's never gotten over Deneuve, so he rashly, passionately pursues her in Tangiers, where she now lives with her younger husband, played by a potent Gilbert Melki. The two leads are as compatible as ever, but Téchiné fleshes out this simple story with a subplot about Deneuve's son, his girlfriend and the girlfriend's twin sister (both played by the talented Lubna Azabal). It doesn't necessarily echo the primary story, but it contributes to a study of human relationships nearly as thoughtful and nuanced as the one other Techine film I've seen, the great WILD REEDS. 4 cats"