Funny Ha Ha (USA; 89 min.)

directed by: Andrew Bujalski
starring: Kate Dollenmayer; Andrew Bujalski; Christian Rudder
Funny Ha Ha
Michael says: "I really enjoyed FUNNY HA HA, and would recommend a trip to the theatre to see it. The performances, especially the lead actress are really great... very natural. There is an element of Woody Allen to the story, but it's somehow fresh and funny. If a bunch of just-out-of-college young adults angsting about their lives annoys you, you might not enjoy the film, but I say go for it. 4 cats"
Tara says: "FUNNY HA HA played at the Sidewalk Film Festival two years ago and was an audience favorite...I think it won audience choice or best feature...

"Not meaty, but definitely an excellent freshman effort!"