Thousand Clouds of Peace, A (Mexico; 80 min.)

directed by: Julián Hernández
starring: Juan Carlos Ortuño; Juan Carlos Torres
Mil nubes de paz cercan el cielo, amor, jamás acabarás de ser amor

Michael says: "This atmospheric Mexican film surprised me after its initial dreary opening. While not nearly as brilliant as either of these, PEACE is a bit of a cross between Tsai Ming Liang's WHAT TIME IS IT THERE and Wong Kar Wai's HAPPY TOGETHER. Gerardo has left school for the streets of Mexico City, where on his quest for love, his sweet boyish looks find him in the arms of various men who subsequently try to pay him for his time. Disillusioned and dissatisfied, all that changes one night when he finds a young man with whom he could fall in love and receive the same in return. However, the man in questions disappears, leaving Gerardo a note expressing his love, and the fear of hurt that keeps him away. For the rest of the film, Gerardo wanders about Mexico City searching for the man who has stolen his heart. The film is shot in black & white, with images fading in and out of focus... both stark and lush at the same time. This film is not for everyone, but I was pleasantly surprised by my reaction. 3 1/2 cats"