Open Water (USA; 79 min.)

directed by: Chris Kentis
starring: Blanchard Ryan; Daniel Travis; Saul Stein
Open Water

Beth says: "OPEN WATER is based on a true story, or on what the filmmakers assumed may have happened to this couple on vacation in the Bahamas who get left behind by their boat when they went out on a scuba-diving daytrip. While it's a feature film, from what I read, there were no special effects (i.e. all the sharks are' real!) so I'm quite certain much of the acting wasn't really acting, you know? It was good and scary, bigtime. 4 catfish.

Bob G. says: "Nerve-wracking indie that charts the mounting terror faced by two divers left by their tropical island tour boat. Chris Kentis and Laura Lau deserve the highest accolades for their inventive set-ups and excellent camera work, considering they did virtually everything (with the exception of wrangling the live sharks) themselves. Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis give spot-on, realistic, performances that add to the raw fright of the situation. And it's got an ending you won't see coming, and won't be able to shake too easily. Graeme Revell once again supplies a minimalist score that is the glue off which most of the action hangs."