Big City Dick: Richard Peterson's First Movie (USA; 129 min.)

directed by: Ken Harder; Scott Milam; Todd Pottinger
Big City Dick: Richard Peterson's First Movie
Chris says: "A Seattle fixture for decades, Richard Peterson is a mentally challenged, musically gifted savant obsessed with Johnny Mathis and orchestral cues from the '50s TV show 'Sea Hunt.' Initially, I feared that the filmmakers were crudely exploiting Peterson in this documentary, but that feeling disintegrated over time. To the film's credit, watching it is akin to meeting Peterson; at first, you don't know what to make of him, but gradually, he becomes familiar and (dare I say) engaging. Although the film's a little slick and overlong, Peterson is unlike anyone you've ever met (the real life 'Rain Man' comparisons don't do him justice). I think I'd much rather meet him onscreen than in person. 3.5 cats"