Tamala 2010 : A Punk Cat in Outer Space (Japan; 92 min.)

directed by: Tol
starring: Shinji Takeda
Tamala 2010 :  A Punk Cat in Outer Space
Michael says: "How can you not love a film that's a bizarre melding of Hello Kitty, YELLOW SUBMARINE, 'Betty Boop,' and an indictment against consumerism and religion all at the same time? TAMALA 2010 : A PUNK CAT IN OUTER SPACE is a bizarre Japanese film that takes us on a trip with an adorable, yet foul-mouthed heroine in the form of Tamala. It's the year 2010 on the planet of the cats, where super-corporation Catty & Co. rule society. And what about the strange mass dream the children are all having about a robotic cat that is somehow tied into their religious beliefs?

Tamala is a 1-year-old kitten who is continuously being reborn through the bizaree machinations of Catty & Co., and is a symbol for most of their consumer products. When she decides to chuck it all and head from the planet of her origin to find her true mother (her human mother seems to be a bizarre stripper with a pet anaconda), who knows what will happen.

With stunning animation, mainly in black & white, a trippy, fab soundtrack, and some hilarious, nonsensical dialogue, TAMALA actually turns out to be about something relevant. Now if we can just figure what that is? Something to do with the religion of mass consumerism. All I know is that by the end of the film, you really hope our sassy, punk kitten finds her mom." 4 cats