Spun (USA/Sweden; 101 min.)

directed by: Jonas Åkerlund
starring: Jason Schwartzman; John Leguizamo; Mena Suvari; Patrick Fugit
Emily and Greg say: "We saw this at a midnight screening in Toronto, and it was probably the best celebrity studded night. All the stars of the film came out - Mickey Rourke, looking like a plastic rebel-rocker in black leather, though still somehow cool, Mena Suvari, Jason Schwartzman (RUSHMORE) --who sure knows how to work a crowd -- and the always adorable and true-to-life shy, Patrick Fugit (of ALMOST FAMOUS fame). Brittany Murphy also stars but was not on hand for the evening. All the actors play truly abysmal characters, and quite well. Really to the point of making you sick. So if you're into that, we recommend it!...but seriously folks... The film was like TRAINSPOTTING, except speed is the addiction of choice , and despite it's flashy quick-edit/animation tricks (VERY reminiscent of REQUIEM FOR A DREAM which, if you recall, Em was not a big fan of), it did a good job of viscerally conveying the mind-set and desperation of the speed-addict lifestyle. The last scene shows a drug-lab blowing up in the background while Schwartzman's character nods off in an exhausted post speed daze in his car. This film was directed by Jonas Akerlund, credited with the famed 'Smack My Bitch Up' video for Prodidgy, and I must say this film felt a lot like a video, frankly..." 4 cats