Party Monster (USA/Netherlands; 98 min.)

directed by: Fenton Bailey; Randy Barbato
starring: Macaulay Culkin; Seth Green; Chloë Sevigny
Party Monster
Hilary says: "This biopic of club kid/murderer Michael Alig is monstrously bad. The quality of the script, acting and style are on par with your average WB teen melodrama, but with a gigantic budget for drugs. If Macaulay Culkin intended this to be his comeback vehicle, think again Mac.

"The only reedeming qualities of this flick are the costumes, Diana 'Christina Crawford' Scarwid as Mama Alig with a coiffure by HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, and Seth Green as Michael's pal and social mentor, James St. James.

"Green portrays the most flamboyant character yet offers the most restrained performance, while parading around in outrageous costumes and six-inch heels. Yes, St. James is absolutely larger than life, but I didn't feel that Green was straining to emote, unlike the other actors. He was the only actor who wasn't completely tripped up by what a 'controversia' personality he was portraying.

"Additionally, this was one of the most homophobic gay films I've ever seen. Michael and his boyfriend lean in for a kiss and it fades to black? Give me a break." Zero cats (they ran away because Michael kept feeding them drugs on-screen)