O.T.: Our Town (USA; 76min.)

directed by: Scott Hamilton Kennedy
O.T.: Our Town
Michael says: "If 2003 isn't the 'Year of the Documentary' I don't know what is. Film Movement's OT: OUR TOWN is a worthy addition to the many outstanding documentaries released this summer. It's playing at the Coolidge Corner, and I highly urge any documentary sub-committee members, as well as everyone else, to try and see it.

Compton, CA is a tough town. At Dominguez High School, the students refer to their town as a ghetto. Riots, shootings, disaffected youth are all prevalent, with the only positive thing about it in most people's mind is their basketball team. In an effort to make a change, English teacher Catherine Borek attempts to mount a theatrical production of Thornton Wilder’s 'Our Town,' the first play produced at the school in twenty years. With no budget, and no stage, Borek and a diverse group of students learn the lessons Wilder infused into his play: that life is a gift, and it's through the little, day-to-day activities that this is borne out. Filmmaker Scot Hamilton Kennedy does a superb job in blending scenes around town, with the rehearsals, and the lessons learned to show how universal the themes of 'Our Town' really are. It's an incredibly emotional film, with the highs and lows of SPELLBOUND. It won't be around long, so I really hope some of you make an effort to catch it. It will most likely be among my nominations come the end of the year." 4 1/2 cats