Cold Mountain (USA; 155 min.)

directed by: Junichi Sato
starring: Mei Oshitani; Shinnosuke Furumoto
Cold Mountain
Chris says: "The season’s bloated literary adaptation / historical epic Oscar bait is Anthony Minghella’s first film since the similarly crafted and still underrated THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY. It’s no masterpiece, but it exceeded my expectations nonetheless. Jude Law gives his first interesting lead performance to date and his best overall since Ripley’s Dickie Greenleaf. Nicole Kidman is fair as the fragile southern belle Law leaves behind, but Renee Zellweger is shockingly great as the coarse, uneducated mountain girl who sort of becomes Kidman’s maid and companion. Even though she’s often just comic relief, Zellweger is so striking and likable that if she gets an Oscar nomination, it’ll be her first that’s truly deserved."