Cabin Fever (USA; 94 min.)

directed by: Eli Roth
starring: Rider Strong; Jordan Ladd; Joey Kern
Cabin Fever
Bob G. says: "(WARNING: Slight spoiler included) Cabin Fever is a nasty little genre picture that, if it took itself a hair more seriously, would be a B-Horror-Pic classic in a league at least close to films to which it pays (quite subtle) homage (love the Texas Chainsaw girl-approaching-house framing shot). When five college kids go to the woods in search of a wholesome drinking binge, they instead encounter a flesh-eating virus that seems to be rapidly and inexplicably spreading. The horror at the heart of Fever lies not in it's buckets of gore and (mostly overdone) splatter effects, but in the blitheness with which the characters turn on one another, most effectively demonstrated by the Rider Strong and Jordan Ladd subplot. Seeing Strong repulsively run for cover as he takes in the sight of his once-sought-after sweetheart Ladd's rotting body is strong stuff indeed (no pun intended). Though the characters are all types, this film is still a fun ride for fans of '70s Horror films, of which professional PA/debut director Eli Roth is a definite disciple. His portrayal of the 'bad '70s horror movie party' scene (where a bunch of kids stand comatose drinking beers) is genuinely hilarious. Unfortunately, there is more to CABIN FEVER than meets the eye. Unfortunate, that is, because while a certain amount of self-referential humor is almost expected in the post-SCREAM horror era, too much can obviously kill the thrill. Special Note: A fine treatment on DVD, with gag-worthy menus, ultra-Kool features such as 'Chick-Vision' (a special cut of the film that automatically blocks out the grossest scenes for your squeamish date --- OK, that's a little sexist... what about all the pussy guys out there?) and 3 pieces of 'Rotten Fruit'.... a hilarious animated series of shorts that Roth does on the side that's the funniest thing I've seen since 'The Young Ones' was on cable." 3 1/2 cats
Ivy says: "Keeping in pace with the movie going I did at Toronto, I saw many films last
weekend. (Such a beautiful thing.) The only sad part is that none of them were that great... You know how I feel about ONCE UPON A TIME from a previous posting, and the other one is CABIN FEVER.

"This film was made independently, and I think it is sort of an accident that it ended up getting such a wide release, mainly due to the fever pitch that people are watching horror right now.

"CABIN FEVER was written, directed and produced by Eli Roth (Newton native) and is about a bunch of Dawson Creekesque college students renting a cabin in a small town 'to decompress after finals. (AKA party and have sex)

"There are many films that are referenced during CABIN FEVER - DELIVERENCE, EVIL DEAD, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE... It's quite a hodge podge. For some reason all of the critics are saying that it is scary - Tom Meek of the Boston Phoenix said that he had to watch the film with his hands in front of his face. Scary it was not, gory, bloody, and silly it was. It is destined for the cult movie bin.

"Once again, not a great film but I do think that it has the potential to grow into something really enjoyable after a few years as EVIL DEAD did before it."