Son's Room, The (USA)

directed by: Nanni Moretti
starring: Nanni Moretti; Laura Morante; Jasmine Trinca; Giuseppe Sanfelice
 \La Stanza del figlio
Diane says: "Directed by and starring Nanni Moretti, this Italian film is about a psychologist dealing with the loss of his son, whom he adored. There are a few reviews of this already on the Chlotrudis page, and I'll just say that, like Robin, I didn't feel emotionally connected to the characters. There's a lot to reflect on clinically (for example, the responses of the psychologist's patients when he decides to leave his practice), but it seemed like a by-the-book look at familial grief.

"I did enjoy looking at the handsome family and the trappings of their comfortable lifestyle. Actually, the whole family was just too good: everybody got along, was interested in each other, crises were managed nicely, they sat around the dinner table eating wonderful meals made by Mom or Dad....

"Moretti is a good actor, but his film doesn't have enough of an edge to be memorable."
Ellen says: "It is tempting to compare THE SON'S ROOM to IN THE BEDROOM since the theme is a family dealing with the death of their teenage son, however, the way that this film elicits your emotions is very different. It made me realize that the characters in IN THE BEDROOM were very American in a way that I can't quite explain here. Nanni Moretti gives an outstanding performance as the father who wishes he could turn back time and who attempts to continue his practice as a psychoanalyst while dealing with his own grief. I highly recommend this film." 4 cats
Laura says: "Moretti, known for comedy, ventures into drama and an exploration of grief with THE SON'S ROOM. While not as aggressively impressive as its American counterpart, IN THE BEDROOM, Moretti's film makes its own, quieter observations." 3 1/2 cats
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Robin says: "As I get along in years I am becoming more and more emotionally impacted by personal events, including getting choked up at a movie. The subject matter of loss and loneliness in "The Son's Room" should have moved me to tears, but it didn't. In fact, I found Moretti's screenplay (with Linda Ferri and Heidrun Schleef) to be coldly clinical as it dissects the family's tragedy and shows its impact on each member. Where I should have empathized, even sympathized, with the characters and their loss, I felt at arm's length to them. Instead of wanting to embrace the characters and their suffering, I felt like a detached observer, not really caring about the players' plights." 3 cats
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