Quitting (China; 112 min.)

directed by: Yang Zhang
starring: Hongshen Jia; Xiuling Chai; Fengsen Jia
Michael says: "Zhang, whose last film was the family, feel-good film SHOWER, tackles a difficult subject with creativity and insight in QUITTING. Focusing on a troubled young man struggling with drug addiction and the sweeping changes occurring in contemporary China, Zhang combines elements of documentary and biography to tell a true story. Lead actor (and lead character) Hongsheng was seen by some Chlotrudis members in SUZHOU RIVER. This is the story of his disenchantment with his life as an actor and his descent into heroin addiction. Only his parents intervention (played here by his real parents) enable him to find the help he so desperately needs and begin the long road to recovery. Zhang makes some bold decisions to good effect, and the acting, especially by the three principals is strong." 4 cats