Hysterical Blindness (USA; 95min.)

directed by: Mira Nair
starring: Uma Thurman; Juliette Lewis; Gena Rowlands; Jeff Aaron
Hysterical Blindness
Michael says: "The first film we saw on Saturday was Mira Nair's latest film, HYSTERICAL BLINDNESS. No psuedo-Bollywood, or Indian weddings here. Based on a play, this film was executive produced by and starred Uma Thurman. Thurman must have seen the play and decided it would be a good showcase for her as an actress. How Nair got involved, I'm not sure.

"HYSTERICAL BLINDNESS revolves around three women, Uma Thurman's Debby, her mother, Virginia (Gena Rowlands) and her best friend Beth (Juliette Lewis). The piece is set in the mid-1980's and largely revolves around the women's quest for love, fulfillment and the end of loneliness. Debby and Beth spend a lot of time at the local bar, Ollie's, where they drink, dance, argue, and primarily, hunt for eligible men. Meanwhile, Virginia has met a man who wants to take her away from New Jersey to a trailer park in Florida.

"Nair's subtle direction cannot overcome the somewhat over-the-top dialogue and manic performances, particularly from Thurman. Rowlands is terrific as always. The mid-80's new wave soundtrack was fun, as were the big hair and hideous nightlife outfits sported by the two young women.

"Enjoyable enough, but not really recommended." 3 cats