Panic (USA; 90min.)

directed by: Henry Bromell
starring: William H. Macy; John Ritter; Neve Campbell
Diane says: "PANIC stars William H. Macy as a hit-man who wants to get out of that line of work. (Hey, I'm reminded that "Those the River Keeps" [prequel to "Hurlyburly," stage version only] did a grand job with that subject.) Macy gives a great performance as the reluctant hit-man, and I also loved the perf of his 6-year-old son (David Dorfman). PANIC has neat and bizarre twists on family and work. My complaint: his father's character (Donald Sutherland) is inconsistently developed. One critical scene between father and grandson didn't have the ground laid for it. See it and tell me what you think!"
Diane says: "PANIC stars William H. Macy as a hit man who works for his dad but desperately wants out of the family business. Not a "great" movie, but still, it addressed some good seriously dysfunctional family relationships, and I found it very poignant. In fact, that was all the movie was about for me (having a crazy father similar to the one in this movie). I thought the acting was very good: Neve Campbell, Macy, Macy's mother (!), Donald Sutherland, and That Little Boy! (God, he was sweet). I haven't seen great dialog with a parent and child like that since HAPPINESS.
Laura says: "PANIC is one of those heralded little films which played festivals but is having a difficult time getting theatrical release. This could be due to its 'hitman goes to shrink' theme, already covered in "The Sopranos" and "Analyze This," or it could be due to a niche quirkiness that would appeal to an audience willing to overlook its flaws." 3 cats

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Robin says: "Newcomer writer/director Henry Bromwell joins the pantheon of mobster-shrink flicks that began with TV's "The Sopranos" and the DeNiro/Crystal movie ANALYZE THIS. It's an interesting idea that could have used a more experienced hand at the helm. The premise of a mob member seeing a shrink about his guilt for his crimes should get some screen mileage, but it falls flat in PANIC." 1.5 cats

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Stephen says: PANIC is a film which must be seen, and soon, because it doesn't seem to be getting much promotion from whoever is distributing it - a gallery of excellent performances from tried-and-true actors like William H. Macy and Tracy Ullman, and others who have spottier records, like Donald Sutherland and Neve Campbell - the latter is really a revelation. Neither film is going to hang around forever."
Tim says: "Very interesting movie, with a strong performance by William H. Macy as a hit man having second thoughts about his career. I, again, really enjoyed this movie. The only thing I had trouble with was what everyone else seems to be saying...Donald Sutherland's character was poorly developed. He's a character you're supposed to dislike, but I just didn't want to see him on the screen because I knew it would end in me being really frustrated." 3 cats