Chunhyang (South Korea; 120min.)

directed by: Im Kwon-Taek
starring: Lee Hyo-Jeong; Cho Seung-Woo; Kim Sung-Nyu
Diane says: CHUNHYANG is a version of an ancient Korean love story (and eight-hour opera). I loved it! The film moves very nicely between the contemporary opera performance and the past-time events. Rich colors, fascinating singing, good acting. I'll be nom'ing it for "visual artistry" and a best supporting actor." 4 cats
Esme says: "CHUNHYANG was a gorgeous movie. I assume it is a telling of a classic Korean opera about a pair of young lovers in Korea whose love is tested by class, spearation and punishment. The movie intermingles the opera singer on stage, singing the story, accompanied by a single drumbeat and the lovers' story. This is an example of when a story has the strength of its 'classicness,' if you will, and does not become a rehashing or rerun or remake. At one point the camera's perspective slowly swings around, and instead of watching the opera singer on stage, we see the audience from his perspective. The audience clearly knows and loves the story, the women are crying, many are clapping in slow cadence." 4 1/2 cats

Michael says: "After a slow start, I ended up really enjoying this Korean fable about love and honor. Nice set up, gorgeous visuals, and some neat feminist twists to what is evidently an ancient story. I know Diane really enjoyed this one, but others I've spoken too were less thrilled. I really enjoyed it." 3 1/2 cats