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Last updated: February 3, 2013
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About Film:

The Big Dogs!
The Internet Movie Database This ultimate movie resource reference source covers everything you could ever possibly want to know about movies. It currently covers over 130,000 movies! The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an international organization whose objective is to provide useful and up to date movie information freely available on-line. If you remember a characters name and want to know the name of the movie, or the actor who played him, a convenient search function will do that for you. Complete cast and crew lists for movies released worldwide can be easily found. The Chlotrudis Awards webpage owes much of its existence to The Internet Movie Database.
indieWIRE Emerging from a small groups of independent filmmakers in the mid-90's, indieWIRE has developed into the leading voice for independent film. indieWIRE's launch as a daily e-publication in 1996 helped to connect the various threads of an emerging online community.

Chlotrudis Members' On the Web
The Filmgoer's Project is a film website co-operated by our Florida member Matt Thornton. Written with a healthy dose of irreverence and an affinity for the highbrow, the lowbrow, and everything in between, the site includes reviews, news, editorial pieces, awards coverage and more. The staff of talented writers maintain a refreshingly informal tone and hope to soon establish The Filmgoer's Project as a major player in the film blogosphere. Matt runs and maintains the site with his friends Scott Martin (the site's founder), Alex Grey, and Josh Amato.

Jay's Movie Blog  Jay is surely the Chlotrudis member who sees the most movies in a year. As he says on his blog, he sees a lot of films, and has an opinion on most of 'em. Check out Jay's Movie blog for his reviews, particularly if you're a fan of horror, science fiction and related genres. If you've heard about a new movie in this genre being released, chances are Jay has seen it and reviewed it.

Popcorn 'n Roses TC & Kim have taken online film criticism and love of movies to new heights with their multi-channel podcasting and blogging about cinema.  Their movie tastes are eclectic, spanning for mega-blockbusters, to little-scene indies.  There's something for everyone at the PNR network!

The Reel Charlie is written by Philip Bahr, a gay male film lover from the United States whose taste usually steers clear of typical Hollywood fare.  This blog primarily reviews films that have recently come out on DVD and acts more as a memory jog than a vanity project.  Television shows (U.S., U.K.) are also featured.
Spoiler Alert Radio is All Things Film, Locally and Globally. Spoiler Alert Radio presents engaging conversations with host (and Chlotrudis member) Toni Pennacchia providing a retrospective look at independent artists in filmmaking: directors, cinematographers, composers, writers, and animators from across the globe. In addition to their website, Spoiler Alert Radio currently airs on BSR in Providence, RI, Wednesdays at 10:00 pm Eastern (US). You can also hear it on select Pacifica Network affiliates, including WPRR, KZGM, and MAIN-FM.

Friends of Chlotrudis
Another Badly Written Amateur Film Blog aka The Downfall of Print Film Criticism. This blog comes from one of Chlotrudis Society's New York members, Ibad. It's a place for his rambling nonsense on films. He's been doing it since the end of 2009, and it includes film reviews and film award predictions.

The Big Brown Chair  Entertaining and ecclectic movie reviews from Peter, a budding film geek, fellow librarian and new Chltorudis member.  He tackles films of all types, posts the good, the bad and the indifferent, and he gets most of them out at the library!  Pretty cool, eh? 

Boston Society of Film Critics was formed in 1981 to make "Boston's unique critical perspective heard on a national and international level by awarding commendations to the best of the year's films and filmmakers and local film theaters and film societies that offer outstanding film programming."  Several Chlotrudis members and friends are integral parts of the BSFC, and we look forward to their continued involvement.

Gerald Peary - film reviews, interviews, essays & sundry miscellany Since 1996 Gerald Peary has been a weekly film critic and columnist for the Boston Phoenix. In the past twenty years, his writing on film has appeared in over a dozen publications around the world. Peary has taught film studies and screenwriting at many universities and has published seven books about film. Gerry is a supporter of Chlotrudis Awards and has presented awards for the organization at every public awards ceremony to date. Read a short essay Gerry wrote about Chlotrudis Awards on his webiste: Chlotrudis Essay.
Reeling Reviews! Reeling is a movie review show produced by Robin and Laura Clifford in Malden, MA at Malden's cable access station MATV. Robin and Laura have been reviewing and showing clips for current theatrical releases since they went on the air nearly eight years ago. Laura was the first to cast her ballot for the Fifth Annual Chlotrudis Awards and that year, she and Robin became members of the Nominating Committee.

Other Great Cinema Sites
Alliance for Independent Motion Media (AIMM) is an evolving network of media arts organizations determined to stimulate and sustain the growth of independent motion media production in Massachusetts. Current partners include: Center for Independent Documentary, Central Productions, The Color of Film Collaborative, Filmmakers Collaborative, LEF Foundation, WGBH Boston Media Productions
Future Movies UK This comprehensive British movie review and filmmaking website provides terrific articles and interviews about both filmmakers and the film viewing community. Extensive reviews are divided into four categories: films soon-to-be released, films currentinly playing at British cinemas, films recently released on DVD, and an archive of everything else. Visitors can even sign up for their electronic newsletter ro find out when the site is updated.
Film Threat "Truth in entertainment" is the tagline of the terrifically irreverant and informative With news, reviews, interviews and more, Film Threat’s mission is to champion the increasingly popular explosion of independent and underground films. Founded by Chris Gore as a college fanzine in Detroit during the mid-80's. It is now one of the leading sources of information about independent films.
CineScene Born out of Cinema-l, an electronic listserv devoted to the discussion of movies, comes CineScene a contributor fueled online 'zine that serves as an outlet for movie lovers who happen to enjoy writing about film. CineScene covers a wide variety of movies, from recent Hollywood blockbusters, the latest in Independent and Foreign Film, to much-lauded classics and films forgotten in the antiquities of history. Chlotrudis member Nathaniel Rogers is a frequent contributor to CineScene.
Ambidextrous Pictures This clever and informative webpage's target audience is people who are interested in Hollywood, and independent filmmaking. Webmasters Scott and Matt took a list of 34 directors, and categorized them into the Gods of Filmmaking. They have reviewed every movie these filmmakers have made, and created a filmography of each director. While not exclusively focused on independent films, it's nice website to explore. If you want the lowdown on a movie playing at the theatre, or available on video/dvd in a quick, concise, and authoritative way, check out Metacritic compiles reviews from respected critics and publications for film, video/dvd, music and games. Their unique Metascores show the critical consensus at a glance by taking a weighted average of critic grades. This small company with a big website is basically run by its three editors and a small staff of volunteers. An impressive feat, and one worthy of checking out!'s goal is to provide information (plot summary, cast, and more) and creator Greg Dean Schmitz's thoughts about the movies that are going to be released in local theaters soon, listed in order of North Amercan release. Schmitz leans toward bigger studio releases, but indie figure fairly prominently as well. If a film is due for release in the next year or so, it is most likely included at
Movie Review Query Engine (MRQE) Looking for a movie review? This is the site to check out. Just enter the name of the movie you want to find out about and you'll get a comprehensive list of movie review on the web... everything from Roger Ebert and the New York Times to our own Laura and Robin Clifford. Or, you can always just take a look at the Chlotrudis Reviews page and find out what Chlotrudis members think.
Rotten Tomatoes Created by movie-buff Senh Duong in 1998, Rotten Tomatoes has grown to become a premier destination for both casual movie-goers and film buffs alike. With accolades from the Chicago Sun-Times, The New Yorker, USA Today, and many more for its unique approach to movie reviews, Rotten Tomatoes offers a full range of services, features, and community for its users.

Movies Answers  The folks at have a great section dedicated to movies with all sorts of information, fun lists, and all sorts of other fascinating articles. 


Movie Theaters:

Coolidge Corner Theatre The Coolidge Corner Theatre is at 290 Harvard Street in Brookline, Massachusetts. The theatre is run by the Coolidge Corner Theatre Foundation, a non-profit organization. Nominating Committee member, Clinton McClung is the program director for the theater, which screens first-run independent and foreign films, as well as special midnight series, retrospectives, and videos in its state-of-the-art video screening room. Its mission statement is as follows: "To celebrate the experience of film in a wide variety of programming featured on a big screen. To help preserve film by promoting the maintenance and performance of films as they were originally produced. To explore the boundaries of film using the film medium, associated with live performances and new technologies." Former Program Director Clinton McClung is a member of the Nominating Committee.
Brattle Theatre The Brattle Theatre has been Boston's unofficial film school since 1953. They screen the best in classic, cutting-edge and world cinema with a different double feature almost every day. The Brattle Film Foundation is a new non-profit organization formed to take over programming and operation of the theatre. The Foundation celebrates film as art and promotes film preservation, distribution and exhibition through various efforts. Recently renovated with new seating and an improved sound system, The Brattle Theatre is located at 40 Brattle Street in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. Co-directcors, Ivy Moylan and Ned Hinkle are members of the Nominating Committee.
Museum of Fine Arts Film Program The Museum of Fine Arts' Film Program has grown to become one of the nation's finest exhibitors of contemporary international cinema, restored classics, and premieres of American independent films. Each year, over 50,000 people attend approximately 450 screenings presented at the MFA. Visiting artists are frequently present at screenings and discuss their work with the audience. Among the many film festivals hosted by the MFA annually: Boston Gay & Lesbian Film/Video Festival, Boston Jewish Film Festival, Boston Festival of Films from Iran, Boston Asian American Film & Video Festival, and Boston French Film Festival.
Harvard Film Archive 
Landmark Theatres Landmark Theatres, the nation's largest art-house chain, features first-run independent and foreign films and non-traditional studio fare in 51 theaters representing 164 screens in 11 states. Landmark theaters are represented in most of Chlotrudis Awards-based cities including Chicago, Denver, New York City, Waltham and Boston. Boston's Kendall Square Cinema is a frequent destination for the centrally-based nominating committee members.

Film Organizations:

The Independent Film Society of Boston is a relatively new organization that has successfully arrived to fill a void in the Boston film scene by running The Independent Film Festival of Boston. In 2003, there were 10,000 people in attendance and the festival was named "One of 2003's Five Best Local Film Series" by the Boston Society of Film Critics. In 2004 there will be 50 films screened, along with nightly parties, and panel discussions. Films include narrative features, documentaries, shorts, experimental, and animation. The Independent Film Festival of Boston is being held April 29 - May 2, 2004 at several venues across the city. Please visit for more information.

Boston Jewish Film Festival The Boston Jewish Film Festival showcases the best contemporary films from around the world on Jewish themes. The Festival is notable for the quality of the films it offers. In 1999, they were named one of the best film series in Boston by the Boston Society of Film Critics. Their out-of-Festival offerings bring films with Jewish themes to thousands of Boston-area filmgoers throughout the year. They offer special screenings of pre-theatrical releases; collaborations with other non-profit organizations; and co-presentation of relevant films in other local film festivals.
Provincetown Film Society Founded in 2011, The Provincetown FIlm Society is the year-round organization and home of the Provincetown International Film Festival and the Whaler's Wharf Cinema.  The Provincetown Film Society (PFS) is dedicated to showcasing new achievements in independent film and honoring the work of acclaimed and emerging directors, producers and actors. This is achieved through its 5-day Festival in June as well as its year-round theatre operation, the Whaler's Wharf Cinema. PFS is equally devoted to expanding the audience for independent film and to serving our Provincetown and Outer Cape community by filling the void for annual film programming and reflecting the community's rich diversity in our selected films and honorees. An integral part of PFS's mission is to contribute to the economic and creative vitality of America's oldest art colony.

Boston LGBT Film Festival  The Boston LGBT Film Festival is the longest running and largest LGBT media event in New England. Founded in 1984 by film programmer George Mansour, the festival has been hosted by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston since the early nineties. In 2009 the festival expanded to include screenings at the Brattle Theatre in iconic Harvard Square, Cambridge, and the brand new Fenway Health Center on Boylston Street in Boston.  In 2011 we screened over 100 films from 25 countries.  The Boston LGBT Film Festival celebrates, displays and distributes work by and for LGBT media makers – work that enertains, enriches and enlightens all audiences in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allied communities.  The annual Festival screenings showcase international, US, and local film, video, and other media, fostering a greater sense of awareness and community among LGBT and LGBT-friendly audiences. 
Women in Film and Video/New England Women in Film and Video/New England (WIFV/NE) is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to supporting the accomplishments of women working in the film, video and new media industries. The organization provides an educational forum for media professionals and a valuable network for exchange of ideas and resources.
Beacon Cinema Group is a company devoted to independent movie theater programming, publicity and promotion. They also offer a full complement of World Wide Web design and maintainance services. Among their clients are the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA and the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA. Other high profile events they run include the Boston International Festival of Women's Cinema and The Provincetown International Film Festival.
Central Productions Through its public programs and community outreach, Central Productions provides services to filmmakers and film enthusiasts in the Boston area. As a nonprofit organization, Central Productions' programs make the production of new, alternative bodies of work more accessible to emerging filmmakers and to heighten the availability of such films to a larger audience. is the premier online resource and magazine for local film and video professionals -- reaching over 23,000 unique people each month. Launched in August 1997 with a few pages, has grown to consist of thousands of pages that are updated regularly.
Northwest Film Center The Portland Art Museum Northwest Film Center is a regional media arts resource and service organization based in Portland, Oregon founded to encourage the study, appreciation and utilization of the moving image arts, foster their artistic and professional excellence, and to help create a climate in which they may flourish. The Center provides a variety of film and video exhibition, education and information programs primarily directed to the residents of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.
The New York Film Academy was designed for a new generation of filmmakers who share a common passion and want to learn by making their own films immediately in a hands-on intensive program. Our school is an international institute with schools in America, Europe, Asia and soon in Mexico. Thanks to Geoff Ryan for this link.
Asian Academy of Film & Television - Believing that training and skill building are quite essential in the field of visual media, Asian Academy of Film & TV, has been imparting education and training in the art & craft of film making in television presentation since 1993.

Movie Awards:

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
The Academy Awards First and foremost in most peoples' minds when movie awards are mentioned. This year marks the 76th Annual Academy Awards, the award ceremony created and voted on by members of the Academy. The purpose of the Academy is to advance the arts and sciences of motion pictures. To this end, the awards were created to recognize outstanding achievements by conferring annual Awards of Merit, serving as a constant incentive within the industry and focusing wide public attention upon the best in motion pictures. In addition to the Academy's homepage, there is also the official 76th Annual Academy Awards Web Site. Here you can find out who is nominated both this year and in years past. There is also a complete listing of the Scientific and Technical Awards.
The Golden Globe Awards The Golden Globes have evolved into an internationally recognized honor for both the film and television industries. The Golden Globe Awards honor achievements in 24 categories -- 13 in motion pictures and 11 in television. The awards are chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, an international group of film critics. The awards began in 1944 by honoring outstanding achievement in the film industry. In 1955 the awards began honoring achievements in television.
The Golden Satellite Awards The Golden Satellite Awards are presented by the International Press Academy (a splinter group of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association which hands out the Golden Globes). The IPA are the largest entertainment press organization in the world, comprising more than 250 full-time professional entertainment journalists from both the United States and abroad. Formed in 1996 by veteran Hollywood correspondent Mirjana Van Blaricom, the International Press Academy covers the world of entertainment through the print and broadcast media and the Internet. These annual awards, bestowed in January, honor outstanding achievement in the fields of film, television and multimedia.
The Independent Spirit Awards Here are the awards most like the Chlotrudis Awards in "spirit." In 1985, the Independent Spirit Awards were born to honor the hard won accomplishments of independent filmmakers. The awards are run by the Independent Feature Projects/West, an organization started in 1980 by independent filmmakers. The awards are always held on the Saturday before the Academy Awards in order to capitalize on the influx of celebrities who would be in town.
The Screen Actor's Guild Awards The Screen Actors Guild Awards features individual and ensemble honors awarded to actors in five film and eight television categories including awards for Outstanding Performance in Motion Picture, Outstanding Performance in a Television Drama Series and Outstanding Performance in a Television Comedy Series for the calendar year 1997. The Screen Actors Guild Awards represent one of the industry's most prestigious honors as it exclusively recognizes performers in both the film and television mediums as voted on by their peers. Nominees are selected by the Screen Actors Guild Award's nomination committee of 4200 active members. Award winners in all acting categories were determined by the 90,000 active members of the Screen Actors Guild.
The New York Film Critics Circle Awards Formed in 1935, the New York Film Critics Circle endeavors to contrast the Academy Awards which were felt to be too influenced by studio politics and Hollywood local taste. The Circle is comprised of 30 film critics from major New York-based publications, including the New York Times, the Village Voice and Entertainment Weekly to name a few.
The National Board of Review Awards The National Board of Review are traditionally the first major critics' group to announce their year-end awards. The NBR is often dismissed because their membership, like that of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association which doles out the Golden Globes, is typically not publicized. The NBR publishes the prestigious movie magazine Films in Review. This Manhattan based group has its origins as far back as 1909. The interesting thing about this organization is that its membership is made up of amateur film fans. Perhaps one day, the Chlotrudis Awards will be as esteemed as this group.
The Los Angeles Film Critics Associations Awards Among all of the year-end film critics' awards, arguably the most directly influential ones are those given out by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association because of their proximity to Hollywood.
The Boston Society of Film Critics Awards The Boston Society of Film Critics Awards are somewhat lesser known than what are generally considered the Big Four of critics' awards (The National Board of Review, New York, Los Angeles, and The National Society of Film Critics), but are increasingly becoming more and more important in the grand scheme of things, particularly given the depth of film critics working out of the Boston area.
The National Society of Film Critics Awards While other film critics awards such as Los Angeles and New York are usually more reliable precursors to the Academy Awards, The National Society of Film Critics Award choices are significant due to their illustrious membership and lack of regional bias. Their membership consists of most of the big film critics across the country. This year marks their 33rd Awards.


Movie Distribution of Independent, Foreign and Documentary Film:

Artistic License Films Palm Pictures

Collective Eye Films
Paramount Classics
Film Movement Picturehouse
First Run Features Roadside Attractions
Fox Searchlight Pictures Shadow Distribution
Independent Film Channel Sony Pictures Classics
Kino Releasing Strand Releasing
Lions Gate Films ThinkFilm
Magnolia Pictures United Artists
 Miramax The Weinstein Company
New Yorker Films Women Make Movies


Watch Movies Online:

Atom films - very much like ifilm, see full length movies to experimental shorts in real video.
ifilm - watch up and coming directors or first time film makers in real video
YouTube - with the tagline "broadcast yourself," YouTube is the ultimate in DIY film broadcast. Featuring everything from short films to fabulous new wave 80's videos.