An Unlikely Pair?

Unlikely perhaps, but one that's sure to thrill Chlotrudis members. Director Hirokazu Kore-eda first caught our attention with the masterful AFTER LIFE in the late 90s. Since then he challenged us with the powerfully unreadable DISTANCE, and the emotionally crushing NOBODY KNOWS. HANA has yet to receive distribution in the U.S., and Chlotrudis is co-presenting his latest completed effort, STILL WALKING, at the Independent Film Festival of Boston next weekend. South Korean actress and Chlotrudis nominees Du-Na Bae first caught our eye in the lovely TAKE CARE OF MY CAT, before wowing us with her comedic chops in the effervescent LINDA! LINDA! LINDA! and thrilling us with her archery-wielding heroine in THE HOST. But when these two come together later this year, the result promises to be something truly very special.

In Kore-eda's Kûki Ningyô (AIR DOLL), Du-Na Bae plays an inflatable sex-doll who gains a soul and comes to life, eventually falling in love with a video store clerk played by Arata, one of the counsellors from AFTER LIFE. Kore-eda intends to convey the deeper emotional impact of the story, exploring both the pain and joy of being alive, and with Du-Na Bae in the title role, it's bound to be very special.

Now you can see a 5 minute clip on the making of AIR DOLL featuring a magical sequence where we see that the doll has the ability to float. Check it out over at Nippon Cinema.