A Top 10 from Japan!

Tom recently relocated to Japan, but he's still watching movies! Here he submits his rather lengthy (I should talk) Top 10, broken down into various categories so that it resembles its own mini-awards ceremony.

Tom says, "Well, it looks like I did have to update my 2007 list after seeing some
stuff here that I didn't have time to see before leaving the states."

Best Not to make it to a U.S. screen

Rebuild of Evangelion:01 : You Are (Not) Alone

Best (Tie)

In the Shadow of the Moon

Best of the Rest

No Country for Old Men
Sweeny Todd
The Host
Linda Linda Linda (making this list for the third year)

The Rest of the Best

28 Weeks Later
PanĀ“s Labyrinth
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
Hot Fuzz

Award for bringing the greatest voice talent of all time back into the fold


Best Movie No One Saw

The Golden Door

Biggest Disappointment - 3way tie

The Simpsons Movie
The Golden Compass

Movie that should have made the big screen instead of The Simpsons Movie

Bender's Big Score

Please stop using celebrity voices in movies (or the Shut Up Sean Penn Award)


Honorable Mention for Kicking Ass

Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz

Best of the Fests

I'm A Cyborg but that's OK
Super Theater Edition Keroro Gunso 2

Best Sig from a Movie

"It's like looking in a smelly mirror"