TIFF2010 Notes on Day 4

Finally I got some long uninterrupted sleep!  Didn't have to do the early morning box office, and had no early shows.  Actually, that is one thing that's odd about this year's festival - the dearth of morning screenings.  I've already had a couple of conversations with some really irritated Canadians about this - they bought the day pass option (in which you see x numbers of films, provided they start before 5pm), as they always do, only to find that for most days, maybe a dozen films total have screentimes before noon.  Very bizarre.  

In other news, I realized this morning that I have no films at the Scotiabank (the primary location for the industry showings), and by the end I will have gone to the Elgin, Bader, & Lightbox exactly once each, while experiencing Ryerson only twice.  Everything else was mostly at the AMC, with a few shows at the Varsity (and only two screens at the Varsity are being used, anyway).  It makes for a strange alignment - the public festival is more northerly, and along Yonge Street, while the industry side is down south, along John and Peter.   The only point of overlap going forward, would be the Lightbox.  This explains the other bitter point for folks I've talked with (and with which I agree): the inconvenience of the box office.  Why, if there was only going to be one, put it where few people going to public screenings were going to go?   Pretty much every wants a second site returned, and one more central to things - i.e., Dundas Square.

Now, if only there was an underground mall/tunnel that went from Dundas Square to John & King, I'd be all set.  Thank god for Canada's love of those subterranean shopping sites - I was able to get from the Varsity to the subway to one block from the hotel without getting wet when we were surprised by a late-night rainstorm!

Meanwhile, the city of Toronto still seems to be mad for luxury condos - I remember a few years ago, noticing several new condo towers going up, and it's still going on!  The ones I saw last time are now plastered with 'live here!' ads, while on the stretch of Bay from Gerrard to Bloor there are 4 more of them going up - and that doesn't count the Aura, going in across the street from the Delta which will have as its claim the 'tallest condo tower in Canada'.   Are there really that many people clamoring to come to Toronto and buy a luxury condo?  I suppose it's a good sign, in this economy, but it just strikes me as odd.

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