The Technologist's Top 10

Chlotrudis Technology Coordinator Scot Colford sent his Top 10 in weeks ago, but I overlooked it. My apologies!

Scot says, "Gee, I surprised myself again this year. Three of my top four are French and almost all of them are either 1) mind f**ks or 2) heartwarming tales of socially unacceptable sexuality. Hmm. Heck, number 7 is both! That makes up for number 9 being neither, I guess."

  1. Caché
  2. La Moustache
  3. Hard Candy
  4. The Science of Sleep
  5. Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story
  6. Shortbus
  7. Brothers of the Head
  8. Sorry, Haters
  9. Lonesome Jim
  10. The History Boys

Other films I considered:

Duck Season
Half Nelson
Jesus Camp
Little Miss Sunshine
Old Joy
Shut Up and Sing
This Film Is Not Yet Rated