One from Japan...

Tom sends his Top 10 in from Japan... and as one might suspect, the films he gets to see are a little different that ours. Here's what he has to say.

I know that Lars and Blood came out in 2007 in the States, but we were busy in the last months of 2007 and they opened in Tokyo in 2008. My fave movie of 2006 is opening next week here.

The Best

20th Century Boys

The Best of the Rest

Gaku no Ue no Ponyo
Aruitemo Aruitemo
Lars and the Real Girl
The Sky Crawlers
Genius Party/Genius Party Beyond

The Rest of the Best

The Magic Hour
K-20: Kaijin 20-menso
Chou Gekijoban Keroro Gunso 3: Keroro vs. Keroro Tenku Dai Kessen de arimasu!
Major: Yujo no Winning Shot
There Will Be Blood

Biggest Disappointment

GS Wonderland

The "Please go away, Natalie Portman" Award

Natalie Portman

You think US move ticket prices are insane?

1800yen (US$18) to see a movie anywhere in Tokyo

Honorable Mention for Kicking Ass

Gene Simmons in Detroit Metal City

The greatest moment of my life

Meeting the director of Godzilla vs The Smog Monster

Sig of the Year

"Go! Metal Buffalo!"