Oh, it's FUNNY.

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As Michael mentioned, the highlight of the Ptown Film Fest for us this year was chatting and drinking with the inimitable Kathleen Turner. And for anyone thinking "Oh, yeah, well she's a big Hollywood star -- not a Chlotrudis-type at all," I say, nonsenese.

Just one of the many entertaining anecdotes she related involved an early studio screening of Serial Mom. She was sitting at the back of the room with the head of the studio. Such executives seem to be all businessmen and "just don't get" film, she was thinking. Part way through the screening -- as if to illustrate that point exactly -- the exec turns to her and says:
Oh. It's funny.
Now imagine that told in the first person by a beautiful woman with a smoky baritone. And just so's you know... she gave me explicit permission to blog this story. (I feel so special!)