The New Member's Top 10!

Philip, one of our newest members, sends his Top 10 in despite the fact that he doesn't have the opportunity to see many films at the theatre!

Philip says, "Thanks Michael for the invite to post this and thanks to Bruce for nudging me to join my favorite film society. I've been lurking for a few years reading everyone's reviews not realizing I could join so easily.

"My list comes with a disclaimer. I'm finishing up a Master's program in Syracuse, NY and so between my time constraints, lack of money and having only one theater in town that shows good films, my list is mainly pieced together from Netflix rentals. I drove an hour to see The Bubble, every other film on the list I watched at home. There are many films I want to see from this past year so this is not a complete list, but 2007 is long gone and I have to let go of that."

Philip Bahr's Grad School Top 10 Best Films of 2007:

The Lives of Others
Away from Her
The Bubble
Stephanie Daley
Paris Je T'aime
The Year of the Dog
This is England
Broken English
Pierrepoint: The Last Hangman
Red Without Blue