New Member Reports a Top 10 of 2009!

Here's a Top 10 List from one of our newer members, Dave Valdes Greenwood.

The films that resonated with me this year are not all perfect, but all have an ability to express a particular vision well, whether as hyped as WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE or as under-the-radar as MOON was comparatively.

  1. A SERIOUS MAN. This is the movie I thought most about after seeing it. A puzzle, a cosmic joke, a provocation, and a pitiless humanist assault on the comfort of faith, it takes the darkness of No Country for Old Men and cloaks it in Leave it to Beaver trappings, which makes the universe’s harsh judgments all the more unfathomable.
  2. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. An incredibly realized vision of childhood emotions.
  3. THE HURT LOCKER. Tension of the best kind: character-based.
  4. AN EDUCATION. Who knew an old school three-act drama could still be potent?
  5. PRECIOUS. Stunning performances in an unsparing world.
  6. A SINGLE MAN. Gorgeously composed and haunting.
  7. IN THE LOOP. Maybe the most laughs of any film in years.
  8. WHITE RIBBON. Eerie and impeccably controlled.
  9. MOON. A minimAlist triumph.
  10. THE MESSENGER. Character studies matched to killer performances.

If I was voting for the Oscars (in addition to the Chlotrudis awards), The Coen Brothers, Sam Rockwell, Carey Mulligan, Peter Capaldi, Monique, the screenwriters for IN THE LOOP, and the cinematographer for WHITE RIBBON would all go home happy.