New Board Member Shares Chlotrudis Love of Canadian Film!

Jamaica Plain resident, Beth Curran, becomes the latest Trustee for the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film, filling the spot vacated by Georgette Gagne, who resigned from the Board in March of 2004. While Georgette remains chair of the Membership Committee, Beth is eager to step up and immerse herself into all things Chlotrudis. In Beth's own words, "I tend to be a 'jump in and roll up the sleeves' kind of person when it comes to joining things." Well, get those sleeves rolled, Beth, because CSIF is embarking on a second decade that will further their educational mission, along with a strategic plan, new programs, and a focus on membership growth.

Beth has been a member of CSIF for fifteen months, joining the organization in Apriol of 2003. Chlotrudis President Michael Colford remembers his first interaction with Beth vividly. "We were co-presenting MARION BRIDGE (our Buried Treasue winner this year) at the Boston International Festival of Women's Cinema last April, and I was onstage with the film's director Weibke von Carolsfeld, moderating a Q&A. Beth asked a question, prefacing it by stating that she was a huge fan of Canadian film. Before Wiebke answered her question, I interjected, 'I need to speak with you about Chlotrudis after thiw Q&A is wrapped up.' We spoke, discussed our shared love of Canadian film, and a few days later, Beth was a member."

Beth's life is pretty busy, between her job in Boston's financial district, and her writing, so her first year as a member started off slowly. She did renew her membership, however, and things changed. She managed to attend the 10th Annual Awards Ceremony, met many members at the organization's spring cocktail party, and joined CSIF at the Provincetown International Film Festival. When she started planning to attend the Toronto International Film Festival with the group, the current Board tagged her as a potential Board member. The rest is history.

In other Board news, CSIF thanks Mary McIntire for putting in a grueling five years as Treasurer. Mary manned the accounts from the non-profit status inception, and the organization is incredibly grateful. Thanks also to Clinton McClung for taking over the Treasury reigns.