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Are you an avid indie film buff? Maybe you've seen a couple of recent popular indie films like The Station Agent, or 21 Grams, and want to learn more about them. Do you want to learn more about watching films with a more critical eye? Maybe you love the glitz and glamour of Awards Ceremonies. Or perhaps you just like hanging out and partying with friendly people and arguing with them about movies? If any of the above phrases describes you, it's time to join the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film. And joining just got even easier. If you have a PayPal account, visit our membership page, click on the button next to the membership level you're interested in and you can use PayPal to pay your dues. Or you can mail the organization a check. Either way you're supportnig a non-profit organization, so it's tax deductible.

Experience the World through Independent Film.