Independent Film Festival of Boston Announces Its Line-Up

With the kick-off just over a month away, the Independent Film Festival of Boston has announced the impressive line-up for its 5th Annual Festival. I'm truly looking forward to MONKEY WARFARE, Reg Harkema's look at aging hipsters in Toronto that stars recent Chlotrudis guests Don McKellar and Tracy Wright. In a similar Canadian vein, I can't wait to check out Sarah Polley's feature narrative directorial debut, AWAY FROM HER. Hal Hartley is back with FAY GRIM, a sequel of sorts to HENRY FOOL. As has been the case in the past, the IFFB offers an outstanding batch of documentaries as well, with PROTAGONIST leading the pack for me... that's Jessica Yu's follow up to Chlotrudis nominee IN THE REALM OF THE UNREAL. Go check out the list!

Hey Aaron,

Thanks very much for the tip. The film sounds very cool. We will definitely try to get members to check it out!


I wanted to highlight our upcoming screenings at the IFFBoston festival of Monster Camp: the true story of NERO Seattle.

Our film is about the Seattle chapter of the New England Roleplaying Organization, a group that, in short, dresses up and plays dungeons and dragons once a month in a state park. It's funny but also provides a lot of insight into escapism in general.

We're fresh off our world premiere at Cinequest (San Jose) a couple weeks ago and were delighted to win the Audience Award for Best Feature Documentary.

Our screening times in Boston are:
Friday April 27 10pm Somerville Theatre in Davis Square (150 seats)
Sunday April 29 5:45pm Somerville Theatre in Davis Square (200 seats)

The homepage for the documentary is

We also have a myspace page, with a special video featuring clips from the opening night world premiere and the San Jose chapter Live-Action-Roleplayers who attended. It's kind of fun.