Lucas Belvaux's The Trilogy Plays the Brattle Theatre!

Boston-area Chlotrudis members take note: Don't miss part one of Lucas Belvaux's Trilogy, On the Run. It plays through Thursday, April 15 at the Brattle Theatre. Subsequent films in The Trilogy, An Amazing Couple and After the Life will have one week runs following. Arguably the first major movie event of the year, Chlotrudis members are sure to be talking about this wonderful trio of films come nomination time.

Members are urged to catch On the Run during it's week at the Brattle in order to appreciate the full impact of The Trilogy. While each film is a worthwhile experience on its own, the cumulative effect of all three films is one not to be missed. Each film represents a different genre and combine to explore a group of characters in a new and refreshing way. The basic premise shows that you can never know a person completely. There could always be some underlying factor affecting behavior that you are not aware of. By presenting characters in three different films from different perspectives, Belvaux illustrates this powerfully.

Don't miss this three week run of an magnificent cinematic experience.