Thom Fitzgerald First Filmmaker Confirmed for Ceremony!

Thom Fitzgerald's films are tough to categorize. He started with a visually arresting, complex, time-jumping story of a young man returning home to his dysfunctional family after a ten year absence. The Hanging Garden scored two Chlotrudis nominations for Best Supporting Actor and Best Cinematography. From there he moved to tongue-in-cheek docudrama with the delightful Beefcake. Switching gears entirely, Thom's next film, The Wild Dogs, engaged gypsies, beggars, and actors to look at poverty and the sex-trade in post-revolutionary Romania. With The Event Thom looks at the complex morality of assisted suicide in a powerful human drama. The Event has received two more Chlotrudis nominations for Best Supporting Actress and Best Cast.

We are thrilled to honor Thom with this year's Chlotrudis Award given to a director whose creative vision and filmmaking skill consistently challenge and intrigue audiences. Thom comes to Boston in the midst of making his most ambitious film, 3 Needles. Shot in the U.S., China, and Africa, 3 Needles follows the stories of a missionary nun, a blood trafficker, and a porn star set amidst the combatative and derisive AIDS pandemic. Hear what Thom has to say about his films and the independent film scene at the 10th Annual Chlotrudis Awards, March 28 at the Brattle Theatre.