Philip Seymour Hoffman and Agn�Godard among Honorees last Sunday

Filmmakers connected with fans at the Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film�s 10th Annual Awards Ceremony held Sunday, March 28 at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge. Special guest Philip Seymour Hoffman cited the relaxed nature of the Chlotrudis event that allowed him to enjoy himself and laugh out loud.

The highlight of the evening was Hoffman�s induction in the Chlotrudis Hall of Fame. During a live, on stage interview, Hoffman spoke candidly to NBC Film Critic Sara Edwards. He talked about the difference between work on an indie film and a big budget movie. Hoffman admitted to finding something of himself in each character he plays.

Agn�Godard traveled from Paris to accept the Visionary Award, given to a cinematographer whose work represents an independent and creative vision. Godard also won the Chlotrudis Award for Best Cinematography for her work in Vendredi Soir (Friday Night) and was quite moved by the honor. Godard was amazed by the camaraderie the honored guests developed while visiting Boston.

That fellowship was evident at the members party at Noir Restaurant in the Charles Hotel, both sponsors of CSIF. Actress Kerry Washington chatted with writer/director/actor Daniel MacIvor about a future film project she is producing with actor David Moscow. Director Wiebke von Carolsfeld, whose debut feature Marion Bridge picked up a trophy in the Buried Treasure category, confessed to Hoffman that she turned down an editing job for Owning Mahowny so she could work on Bridge. Director Thom Fitzgerald, accepting an award for Excellence in Direction, spun an entertaining yarn about his pet cat to illustrate the need for independence in filmmaking.

Sofia Coppola was the big winner, picking up three �Trudies for her film Lost in Translation, including Best Movie, Director, and Original Screenplay. The Station Agent picked up three as well, including Best Cast, Best Supporting Actress (Patricia Clarkson�s second in a row for this category), and Best Supporting Actor for Bobby Cannavale which was shared with Love Liza�s Jack Kehler.

Overall, the 10th birthday celebration of Chlotrudis Awards was an indie chic crowd pleaser. For a complete list of the evening's winners check out the current nominations page.

All photos courtesy of Brandon Constant.