Chlotrudis Spotlight on Gary Burns Updated!

Many Chlotrudis members have a soft spot in their cinematic hearts for Canadian director Gary Burns. His third feature film, WAYDOWNTOWN, tied for the Society's first Buried Treasure Award. Burns and the films co-star (another Chlotrudis fave) Don McKellar, were hosted by Chlotrudis in 2002 at a special preview screening of the film.

Now Burn's latest feature is playing the Festival circuit. Boston-area Chlotrudis members were lucky enough to have the opportunity to see the film at the Independent Film Festival of Boston 2004 recently, and the five members who were at the screening I attended broke the current trend (the film wasn't well-received in Canada) laughing uproariously and thoroughly enjoying A PROBLEM WITH FEAR.

To read more about Burns and his work, check out our ">Chlotrudis Spotlight, recently updated to include A PROBLEM WITH FEAR.