A disappointment for Ellen Page fans in Chlotrudis

It's looking like JACK AND DIANE, the lesbian, werewolf flick we were all on pins and needles about has lost Ellen Page. Recently Cinematical reported that the film has abruptly disappeared from Ellen's imdb page, and the film's website is no longer active.

JACK AND DIANE was to have starred Page and her JUNO co-star Olivia Thirlby, as teenage lesbians who meet in New York City and spend the night "kissing ferociously." Trouble is, one of them discovers that her newly awaken sexual desires turn her into a werewolf. Page and Thirlby were terrific as best buds in JUNO, and this was certainly a film with an audience just waiting for it to be made. Well, last September in Toronto, Ellen and Olivia talked with First Showing about the difficulty the film has had in obtaining financing, and my suspicion is that even with Page's star having risen, the filmmakers were unable to get the necessary investors to begin filming, and Page's increasingly busy schedule just got in the way.

Here's hoping that the film gets its financing in order and that Ellen's schedule opens up again... or something. What a joy it would be to watch Ellen and Olivia spending the night snogging as it were, then sprouting fur and a wolf's snout and running around howling!