Diane's Top 10 Has Arrived!

The Top 10's keep rolling in; and I expect more to arrive as members catch up on the nominees for this year's 16th Annual Awards Ceremony (the full awards page will be up in early March.) In the meanwhile, here's a look at Diane's Top 10!

First, the three films I gave 5 cats to:

  1. THE HURT LOCKER. Alongside Bravo Company, we get worn down by repetition, fear, failure, and moral questions.
  2. REVANCHE. Complex, creative, suspenseful, pitch perfect
  3. THE BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL -- NEW ORLEANS. Take the consummate film-making of L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, add a dash of the craziness of ZATOICHI.
  4. And some of my 4-catters:

  5. THE MAID. Part horror film, part psychological study, part critique of the bourgeoisie.
  6. PAPER HEART. Completely enjoyable faux-doc about the search for real love.
  7. THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE. And I thought Anna Wintour just edited a magazine.
  8. SITA SINGS THE BLUES. Three layers of storytelling enrich this animated film.
  9. SOMERS TOWN. Thomas Turgoose returns, just like the Cat in the Hat.
  10. SUGAR. Every shot has an emotion underlying it.
  11. TREELESS MOUNTAIN. The slow destruction of a girl's spirit.

I love the hurt locker....by far the best movie of the year. I dont buy that the director was trying to sway votes